6/18-6/25 Race Weekend Recaps

6/18/22-Camden raced at Providence Raceway for round 6 of the WKA Dirt Series. Race monitor was not cooperating all day making it hard to keep up with times and places. Camden ran 3 classes of Jr 1 qualifying around 11th, 5th and 12th. Camden had a strong run in race one coming from 11th to 3rd. Race 2 Camden had some line issues and was able to maintain his 5th position. For race 3, Camden was fast but made some costly errors and finished somewhere around 9th. The kart was fast but the driver just seemed to be off his game for most of the day.
6/25/22-We headed to Sugartit for race 3 of the Big 3 series. Camden ran Jr 1, Jr2 and his buggy (it was a busy day). In Jr 1 he qualified 5th (Jr1) and 2nd (Jr 1 pro), buggy qualified pole and Jr 2 4th (Jr 2) and 5th (Jr 2 pro). We spend some of the day chasing the track but ended the night with a win in Jr 1 Pro. Final results were 5th (Jr 1) and 1st (Jr 1 pro), 3rd (buggy), and 3rd (Jr 2) and 7th (Jr 2 Pro).
Thanks for everyone who helped on and off the track. We will be taking the next two weekends off but will be back in action on 7/16 for the Maxxamillion.